Catwalks and Towers
Project Sites with Installed Structures
From enclosed truss catwalks and
handrail truss catwalks to simple 'H'
frame towers and massive support
towers for bucket elevators, these sites
demonstrate Micada's ability to design
and build the heavy duty structures
necessary to keep your elevator the
way it was meant to; with safety and
security in mind.

Upper Right; Support structures for the
piling facility at Galesburg, ND.

Upper Left; Completed project at
Harvey, ND.

Center Right; Completed ADM project
in Clinton, IA.

Lower Right; a dual leg tower and
catwalk for a 60Kbph bulkweighing
system for Cenex Harvest States at
Edgeley, ND,

Lower Left; Tower & Catwalk project
for Lake Region Grain in Devils Lake,
Custom designed for each application
Piling System at Galesburg, ND
Super Catwalk in Clinton, IA
Dakota Prairie Ag in Edgeley, ND
Lake Region Grain in Devils Lake, ND
Harvey, ND
Fullerton, ND