Hopper Bottoms/Hopper Bins
Micada Hopper Bottoms are built to fit your bins
Micada steel bins with hopper
bottoms are available in a
wide range of capacities.
Please contact us for more

Existing bins require a site
evaluation to determine the
exact size of hopper bottom
needed to match the capacity
your steel bin.

Whether it is a single bin or a
cluster of storage bins,
Micada can provide a hopper
bottom specifically for your

We can also design and
supply aeration systems, skid
base sections and unloading
systems for nearly any
application and any
manufacturers' steel bin

Give us a call to have one of
our specialists visit with you to
determine the correct style
hopper bottom system. For
additional information visit:
A Hopper Bottom for nearly every manufacturer's bin
Whether it is a
retro-fit hopper
bottom for an
existing steel bin or
complete new
hopper bottom bin
system, Micada
handles it all!
Our hopper bottoms are
available as fully
assembled or as kits.